Gottschalk Teacher of English at Kobe College High School

The Gottschalk Teachers of English at Kobe College High School program was named in honor of longtime KCC-JEE Board President Dr. Patsy Cooper Gottschalk. Dr. Gottschalk was herself an English teacher at Kobe College High School, and years later became involved in the KCC-JEE Board. During her tenure as President, new programs were developed, many existing programs were expanded, and the KCC-JEE/KC relationship was further deepened.

Gottschalk Teachers of English at Kobe College High School teach students in grades 7-12. The term is for two years, with a possibility of extensions being offered for up to a total of a five-year stay, and begins on April 1st. Subsidized housing, travel and shipping expenses, and language study are provided.

B.A. degree. Major in English or Education preferred.
TESOL certification and teaching experience are preferred.
Speaker of standard American English with strong grammar skills

We are done recruiting for 2014 but please check back on this page for future position announcements.

Shane Taber, Jennifer Alpern, Marnie Jorenby, and Alexis Franks

The 2012-2013 Gottschalk Teachers: Shane Tabor, Marnie Jorenby, Emma Candon, and Alexis Franks

The 2011-2012 Gottschalk Teachers: Jan Gullickson, Stephanie Wilton, Dana Peinado and Shane Taber