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In 2011. . .


*The Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami struck Japan's northeast coast in March, causing terrible loss of life and property, and resulting in the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. KCC-JEE sent words of sympathy to Kobe College. KCC-JEE raises $4,295 to help the rescue and recovery effort in Eastern Japan.


*Marnie Jorenby traveled to Japan as a temporary Gottschalk Teacher and did volunteer work in Iwate Prefecture.


*Casey Farrington won the High School Essay Contest


* Dr. Mori and other guests spoke at the Annual Meeting


*A delegation from KCC-JEE met with former Vice President Walter Mondale to talk about issues in international relations and education.


*Several Kobe College students completed internships in the United States.




*President Ed Grant's words of sympathy, March 2011


*Marnie Jorenby's blog:


*Casey Farrington's Essay  Part 1  Part 2
*Casey Farrington: Kyoto is Awesome!





*Report on the visit with Walter Mondale



*About Megumi Furuta's internship experience





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