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The KCC Japan Education Exchange Graduate Fellowships Program was established in 1996 to support qualified PhD graduate students for research or study in Japan. The purpose of the fellowship is to support future American educators who want to teach more effectively about Japan. One fellowship of $30,000 will be awarded. Applicants may affiliate with Kobe College (Kobe Jogakuin) for award year, if selected.

Graduate Fellowship News

Pamela Winfield, KCC-JEE Graduate Fellow in 2001 - 2002, has finished her Ph.D. at Temple University in the field of religious studies.  She is currently an Associate Professor at Elon University, and has published a book entitled Icons and Iconoclasm in Japanese Buddhism: Kukai and Dogen on the Art of Enlightenment.

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2022-2023 KCC JEE Graduate Fellow 

Lillian Tsay
The Sweetened Empire:
The Making of Western-style Confectionery in Modern Japan (1868- 1952

Brown University

Lillian Tsay is a historian of modern East Asia whose work examines the history of food and empire, gender, and science and technology studies. As a Ph.D. candidate at Brown University’s History Department, her dissertation project explores how food, especially Western-style confectionery such as chocolate, caramel, and gum was produced and consumed in the Japanese Empire. Prior to coming to Brown, she received her B.A. from National Taiwan University with double majors in English literature and sociology. She also holds her master’s degree from The University of Tokyo, Interdisciplinary School of Information Studies, where she wrote a thesis on postwar Japanese food tourism to Taiwan. After receiving her master’s degree, Lillian worked as a full-time employee at Japan’s largest tourist agency JTB before continuing her research at Brown.


In addition to her dissertation, Lillian is also working on projects related to historical memory in East Asia and historical representation in popular culture. She is also a regular contributor to public history columns in Taiwan. Besides her academic works, she enjoys writing creative fiction and nonfiction in her free time.

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