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In 2020, KCC-JEE will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Not many international organizations can look back on such a long and committed relationship. In preparation for our centennial events, we are in the process of gathering, preserving and making available the stories that comprise our rich and unusual past. On this page you can read about the people who have contributed to KCC-JEE over the years, and the accomplishments they have achieved together.

Founders and Builders

We will soon be adding a page where we celebrate the many passionate women and men whose generosity of devotion to Kobe College and KCC-JEE have laid the foundation for our long-lasting relationship.

Historical letters and documents

Through the hard work of the Archive Committee, we have collected a number of documents which are of historical interest. We will be uploading a selection of these documents.

This is a brief timeline of the history of Kobe College and KCC-JEE.

The KCC-JEE website has been creating online news archives since 2008. Click here to view news items by year.

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