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A student sells free trade items to a happy customer at Ten Thousand Villages in Skokie, Illinois.

A KC Student gets feedback on a questionnaire in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.

Internships for Kobe College students in the U.S.A.


Since the start of the Internship Program in 2001, 65 students from Kobe College have participated in the program. The internship provides the students a learning experience in a supportive work place and includes a wholesome, caring family life, an element lacking in many study-abroad or homestay programs. The impact is so big that the students mature in a short time, and they also learn the spirit of volunteerism from the caring families and mentors who participate in the program. This program helps students during job interviews as they are able to discuss skills they acquired during their internships.

Our program helps students land careers as teachers or in fields that require communication skills. We find that many interns keep up a correspondence with their host families and mentors, building lasting friendships. Moreover, a number of them return to visit their families and mentoring teachers. We also know that some mentors and family members visit their former interns in Japan.

Kayo Hishitani is an example of how our internship program can lead to new opportunities. Kayo participated in the program at Washburne Junior High School in Winnetka, IL. in 2003. The experience at the school led Kayo to become a teacher, and influenced her sister to participate in the Internship program in 2005. The sisters so cherished the experience that they revisited Chicago to meet their mentors and stayed with the family the following year. However, Kayo took one step further to come back as a KCC-JEE contract teacher for Henry Sibley HS Japanese Language Program.


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