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Two ways to MAKE A GIFT:

1. Donate now through online

2. Mail your donation by check to the KCC-JEE Office:

Kobe College Corporation Japan Education Exchange
5 Revere Drive, Suite 200-#0024

Northbrook, IL 60062



Since its founding in 1920 in order to support the construction of a new college campus for Kobe College in Nishinomiya City, KCC-JEE has achieved many different international outreach projects and carried on the spirit of fellowship and humanism inherent in our Congregational roots. The secret of this foundation's longetivy is meaningful personal connections, a strong belief in our mission of cross-cultural exchange and education, and a strong belief in the potential of the young women and men whom we serve with our programs.

If you have been touched by KCC-JEE's programs, or if you simply believe in cross-cultural connections between America and Japan, please consider making a gift that is within your means. Your money will go toward supporting our six programs, or you can earmark your gift for the program most important to you.

We deeply appreciate your support, and encourage you to become part of the KCC-JEE family.

Donating to the Rob Mason Memorial Fund: Please specify that your contribution should go to  the Rob Mason Memorial Fund. 


Charlotte B. DeForest, President of Kobe College from 1917-1940, was tireless in her love and service to Japan and its people. During World War II, DeForest had to leave Japan, but Japan remained always in her heart. She volunteered as a counselor at the Manzanar Relocation Center, a Japanese internment camp in California, 1941-45. Dr. DeForest did what she could to improve the situation of Japanese Americans unjustly detained at Manzanar, and stayed at the camp to help with relocation until the very end. Dr. DeForest is an inspiration to us all.

Charlotte B. DeForest at Manzanar War Relocation Center, 1945

Photograph courtesy of the Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College

Photograph by Cecil Prichett

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