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Gottschalk Teachers of English


Gottschalk Teacher Program

A Long History of Recruiting Quality English-Speaking Teachers
for Kobe College Junior and Senior High Schools


Historical Overview

Kobe College Junior and Senior High School was founded in 1875, and has long been regarded as one of the top female secondary schools in Japan. In 1948, KCC began recruiting teachers with high-quality English and teaching skills to teach oral English and cultural aspects in a full-time position. Usually there are four of these ‘Gottschalk Teachers’ on the faculty. The program was named in honor of longtime KCC-JEE Board President Dr. Patsy Cooper Gottschalk. Dr. Gottschalk was herself an English teacher at Kobe College High School, and years later became involved in the KCC-JEE Board and served as its president.


The Position Includes

  • A contract for two years with a possibility of extensions being offered for up to a total of a five-year stay and begins on April 1st.

  • Salary 

  • Furnished Apartment (with a small fee)  

  • Japanese Language Study (for one year)


Qualifications to Apply Required

  • Speaker of standard English with strong grammar and writing skills

  • B.A. degree (preferably in English or Education) 

Preferred and Strongly Recommended

  • TESOL certification and classroom teaching experience

  • Currently valid government-issued teaching credential


The Joys of Being a Gottschalk Teacher 

The Gottschalk Teachers at Kobe College High School diligently prepare for teaching their classes. Their students are energetic and highly motivated learners. In September of the third year of high school, all Kobe College High School students take the TOEFL iBT test to objectively judge the results of their six years of English study. Every year, our students' average score is significantly higher than that of participating high schools in Japan, with many meeting the standard score for studying at a U.S. university.

Gottschalk Teachers also engage in several aspects of school life outside of the classroom. Examples of their dedication include coaching students involved in speech contests (and usually winning or placing highly at both the local and prefectural levels), assisting exchange students both coming to and going from Japan and other countries, chaperoning multi-day school field trips at historical places in Japan, and supporting the English Speaking clubs in preparing for the fall Cultural Festival. 

Last year, the Junior High club performed Descendants 2 and the High School club presented The Sound of Music! Ms. Newman, a Gottschalk Teacher, was quite impressed by how enthusiastic the students were about the performance and wrote, “we had a blast writing a script, making props, and choreographing dances” and included the accompanying photo of the actual performance. 


Gottschalk Teachers of English
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