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Dr. Yuki Ohigashi
President of KCC-JEE

KCC-JEE  is the oldest U.S.-Japan collaborative organization in America. KCC-JEE provides teacher, scholar and student exchange programs, and holds concerts, gatherings and other events that promote cultural understanding.



Kobe College Corporation was founded in 1920 in Chicago, Illinois by a group of religious philanthropists as an avenue in which to raise money for a new campus for Kobe College, one of Japan's first Christian educational institutions.



KCC-JEE has preserved and nurtured its deep ties to Kobe College, while expanding its mission to provide opportunities for both Kobe College students and American students,researchers and educators to travel and experience Japan and America.

2006 Winner of the Mondale Award

Pictured with Mr. Walter Mondale (clockwise from left): Mr. David Therkelsen, Ms. Megumi Furuta, Mr. Takuzo Ishida, Dr. Koichi Mori (Chancellor of Kobe College), Ms. Natsuko Furuya and Ms. Susan Doffing (President of KCC-JEE from 2006- 2009


In 2006 we were the recipient of the Mondale Award for Japan-Minnesota Partnership to recognize outstanding contributions to the building of understanding, cooperation and respect between the people of Japan and Minnesota


Our mission is to inspire positive relationships among Kobe College, Japan, and the United States by providing distinctive educational opportunities.

Our vision is to provide premier programs and services to enhance participation of American and Japanese women and men in our global society. Further, to continue historical association with Kobe Jogakuin through mutual cooperation, recognizing common interest in education and cross-cultural pursuits to empower faculty and student participation in a global society.

We have pursued this mission since our establishment in 1920 with the cooperation of  our friends at Kobe College, a leading women's liberal arts college in Nishinomiya, Japan. Together, we have created many opportunities for Kobe College students to travel to the U.S., and for U.S. students and educators to travel to Japan. 

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