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History & Archives


KCC-JEE: an exciting present, an inspiring past

U.S.-Japan Alliance

 In 2020, KCC-JEE celebrated its 100th anniversary. Not many international organizations can look back on such a long and committed relationship. On this page you can read about the people who have contributed to KCC-JEE over the years, and the accomplishments they have achieved together.


View History at a Glance

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Founders and Builders

Our founders were pioneers with a bold vision, driven by a passion to foster innovation and collaboration across borders. Their visionary leadership set the stage for the inception of Kobe College and KCC-JEE, envisioning an organization that transcends geographical boundaries to promote knowledge exchange and mutual understanding.

1873 Eliza Talcott & Julia Dudley

Eliza Talcott and Julia Dudley

Eliza Talcott and Julia Dudley, two American missionaries, who were also experienced teachers, opened “Girls’ School,” a boarding school for girls,on Yamamoto Dori (Yamamoto Street), Kobe. Talcott was the first principal and Dudley, the matron. The girls' school would eventually become Kobe College in 1894.


Portrait of Julia Dudley 

Douglas Kinsey
Julia Dudley (his great, great aunt from a family photograph)
1987, oil on canvas, collection Kobe College

Charlotte B. DeForest

Charlotte B. DeForest, President of Kobe College from 1917-1940, was tireless in her love and service to Japan and its people. During World War II, DeForest had to leave Japan, but Japan remained always in her heart. She volunteered as a counselor at the Manzanar Relocation Center, a Japanese internment camp in California, 1941-45. Dr. DeForest did what she could to improve the situation of Japanese Americans unjustly detained at Manzanar, and stayed at the camp to help with relocation until the very end. Dr. DeForest is an inspiration to us all. 


Charlotte B. DeForest at Manzanar War Relocation Center, 1945 Photograph courtesy of the Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College Photograph by Cecil Prichett

Member Gallery

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