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Open Letter to the KCC-JEE Community

Updated: May 16


For over a century, Kobe College Corporation-Japan Education Exchange has been a partner with Kobe College in support of US/Japan educational programs. We are a truly bicultural organization. Therefore, it has been deeply disheartening and horrifying to witness the recent rise in hate crimes and overt discrimination against Asians in the US and elsewhere. We stand together with Asian-Americans who have suffered under this current wave of anti-Asian hate crimes, which is disgraceful and unacceptable. Our hearts go out to the victims of indiscriminate aggression and call on our community to speak out against anti-Asian acts and sentiments. We stand strong in our commitment to inspire positive relationships among Kobe College, Japan, and the US through nurturing mutual understanding and respect for one another.



Roberta Wollons, President

On behalf of KCC-JEE

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