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Thank you for joining! KCC-JEE The 100th Annual Meeting by Zoom

Updated: May 16

 Posted September 23, 2020


Dear Members and Friends of KCC-JEE,


On behalf of KCC-JEE, I want to thank you for being at our 100th anniversary celebration. It was beyond our expectations and wonderful to see so many familiar faces both in the US and in Japan. In all, there were 95 people in attendance, which felt like the reunion of a century. It was clear how many students and faculty have benefited from our programs, and how a relatively small organization has had an impact over generations in the US and Japan. Our commitment to Kobe College and to the education of women and girls has been central and unwavering for a century.


With support from you and the whole KCC-JEE family, we are assured that our programs will continue well into the future. We plan on having more events that bring us together and we need your spirit and generosity to continue our mission and extraordinary 100 year relationship with Kobe College. Donations can be made at our website to any program of your choice.


Thank you again for making this celebration a memorable occasion and for being part of the KCC-JEE family, on both sides of the ocean.



Roberta Wollons, President


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